The first stage of the final match of the Dalian Division of the Chinese Super League, except for the Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao vs. Dalianers in this match, the rankings have been determined and neither have any desires, the other teams still have to win, and they need to tee off at the same time. After being closed for so many days and finally ushering in the last game, the team must be back home, but as a professional player, you must have a certain degree of professionalism. As long as you stand on the field and the game is not over, you must work hard. ! Therefore, even though it was an irrelevant matchup in terms of the result, it was a Chinese Super League round after all. In the end, the two teams contributed a wonderful game for everyone. Evergrande team beat Dalian with one goal and finished with a victory.

中国超级联赛大连分区决赛的第一阶段,除了本场比赛的广州恒大淘宝对大连队外,排名已经确定,没有任何愿望,其他球队仍然必须获胜,并且他们需要同时开球。在关闭了这么多天之后,终于迎来了最后一场比赛,球队必须回到主场,但是作为一名职业球员,您必须具有一定的敬业精神。只要您站在场地上并且比赛还没有结束,就必须努力工作。 !因此,即使从结果上来说这并不是一场无关紧要的比赛,但这毕竟是中亚搏电竞国超级联赛。最后,两支球队为每个人贡献了一场精彩的比赛。恒大队以一个进球击败大连并取得了胜利。



I believe that when seeing the starting list of the Evergrande team, there will inevitably be a large number of fans who are puzzled-what happened to Kashuai? For a game where the result has no meaning or value, the team has already locked in the first place, why is it a small rotation? Why are a large number of main players still on stage? Including Liu Dianzuo, Park Zhizhu, Zheng Zhi, Paulinho, Talisca, Fernando, Exxon...Can't they take a rotation? What if I hurt? Is the head coach really so stubborn and has to send out a lot of main efforts to win the irrelevant game? What's the point?




Questions like this one after another, everyone seems to understand all this as Kashuai's stubborn opinion, but it is not!




In fact, Cannavaro has said that such preparations have already begun. In the case of the team's weak midfield, if the frontcourt can continue to cause trouble to the opponent, it can reduce the pressure on the midfielder. The tough lieutenant general encountered at this stage is crucial. Kashuai not only wanted to end with victory and continue to enhance the confidence of the whole team, but also to prepare for the second stage of the game early. Precaution has always been a necessary quality for successors, and there is no problem with Lao Ka.

实际上,卡纳瓦罗说,这种准备工作已经开始。在球队中场表现不佳的情况下,如果前场能够继续给对手造成麻烦,则可以减轻对中场的压力。在这一阶段遇到的艰难的中将至关重要。 Kashuai不仅希望以胜利告终,并继续增强整个团队的信心,而且还希望为比赛的第二阶段做好准备。谨慎始终是继任者的必备素质,老卡也没有问题。



In fact, although no goals were lost in this game, the team still exposed a lot of problems in the midfield: it was beaten by the Dalian people many times during the offensive and defensive transition, allowing the opponent to directly face the defense. Although the captain Zheng Zhi had a beautiful through ball to instigate the offense and eventually scored goals, but objectively, his game speed and defensive coverage are indeed not as good as before. This game faced Dalian people who had undergone a significant rotation. More difficult, let alone the second stage will meet opponents to compete for the title? Wouldn't it be more difficult? Lao Ka discovered this. Of course, it is necessary to make plans in advance and provide help and support through the adjustment of strikers. Then such an attempt is no more effective than a practice opportunity like the Chinese Super League main match.




However, in the latter part of the game, Kashuai still did not forget to train the newcomers. In this campaign, Evergrande team has 5 U23 teenagers including Bugla Khan, Permanjiang, Wang Shilong, Yan Dinghao and Wu Shaocong at the same time. Under the leadership of a big brother like Paulinho, he is not stage fright, and he still puts continuous pressure on his opponents and his performance is remarkable. Especially Wu Shaocong, who played the whole game, can be called the mvp of the Evergrande team in this game! As a central defender in this campaign, he has successfully defended his opponent's strong foreign aid Long Dong many times, fully demonstrating his comprehensive technical characteristics. More importantly, he helped the Evergrande team to close opponents and made great contributions to winning the first stage of the final battle. In addition, this is also an encouragement to the new force of u23. I hope that Shao Cong will avoid arrogance and rashness, and continue to work hard in the second stage of the competition to show a stronger side!

但是,在比赛的后期,Kashuai仍然没有忘记训练新手。在此次活动中,恒大团队有5名U23青少年,包括Bugla Khan,Permanjiang,Wang Shilong,Yan Dinghao和Wu Shaocong。在像Paulinho这样的大哥哥的领导下,他并不怯场,他仍然不断给对手施加压力,他的表现令人瞩目。尤其是玩了整场比赛的吴少聪,在这场比赛中可以被称为恒大队的MVP!作为这次运动的中后卫,他多次成功捍卫了对手强大的外援龙东,充分展示了他的综合技术特征。更重要的是,他帮助恒大团队结识了对手,并为赢得决赛的第一阶段做出了巨大贡献。另外,这也是对u23新生力量的鼓励。我希望邵聪能避免傲慢和轻率,并在第二阶段继续努力以显示更强的一面!



Of course, the first stage of the competition is over. Because of the extremely special competition system of this season, everything is reset to zero. Evergrande will also have to reset everything during this short offseason. In addition, the most important thing is to do The rehabilitation work of a good part of the wounded, especially the long-term injuries such as Wei Shihao, Li Xuepeng, Huang Bowen, etc., whether they can make a full comeback in the second stage, I believe it will directly affect and even directly determine whether the Evergrande team can complete the competition set at the beginning of the season. Crown plan. Therefore, rehabilitation of the wounded remains the top priority of this rest period.